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Learn More About Beltone Amaze™

With the help of Beltone’s newest digital hearing aid, you can hear better for longer. The Beltone Amaze™ has many features that will improve your natural hearing. Each device offers dynamic sound, a long-lasting battery, and modern technology.

The Beltone Amaze™ has features to meet your needs. This includes Impulse Noise Reduction that allows users to hear the world around them without noise interference. The Amaze’s rechargeable batteries offer up to 30 hours of charge. You won’t have to worry about your device dying in the middle of the day.

If you struggle with phone calls or listening to your favorite entertainment, the Beltone Amaze™ offers iPhone and Android connectivity. You just adjust the volume, find the battery’s charge, and connect your cell phone. If you have questions about the Beltone Amaze™, you can talk to a hearing professional 24/7 through Beltone Remote Care.

Beltone Amaze
Beltone Amaze

With the Beltone Amaze:


of people use it to listen to music over other hearing aids.


of people preferred its sound quality when watching TV.

Right Beside You

What makes the sound qality in Beltone Amaze so special? Watch the video and find out.

  • Suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss
  • Available in all hearing aid styles
  • Equipped with the latest and fastest micro-processing technology, integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and the Beltone Hear Max app

Ready to Start Hearing Better?

Are you ready to take the first step towards better hearing? Give us a call today or submit your information in our online form. You can also schedule your free hearing test by scheduling your appointment with us.

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