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The Leader of Hearing Aids

For more than 80 years, Beltone has been the leader in hearing care and hearing aid technology. When you need a new hearing aid, our helpful hearing care specialists will show you which Beltone hearing aid is best for your needs.

Beltone’s diverse, award-winning models and styles offer customizable features and modern technology. We want to provide you with a more natural hearing experience.

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Leading Hearing Aids

How To Choose Your New Hearing Aid

When choosing a new hearing aid, there are some factors you should keep in mind to find the right hearing aid for you. To find the best hearing aid for you, you first need to schedule a free hearing test. This can show the type and degree of hearing loss that you have. From there, you can choose the style and design of the hearing aid. Some styles and designs are better for you based on your level of hearing loss. There are three main types of hearing aids we carry.

Once You’ve Chosen the Style

Check out the wonderful features of our different hearing aid options. These features help control how you hear the environments around you. It can also make managing your hearing aids much easier. With all Beltone hearing aids, we offer round the clock support and customer service. If anything goes wrong, you can take it to any participating Beltone location for help. We also offer BelCare™ for the life of your hearing device.

In-The-Ear (ITE)

This hearing aid goes on the outer ear or the shell of the ear. It can be either a half or full shell or be custom fit to your ear. This style is preferred by older adults or people with poor dexterity. It can be easily installed or removed for cleaning or adjusting. The speaker of ITE hearing aids can become clogged with earwax. But there are ways to clear it so it shouldn't be a problem if cleaned often. It is the largest of the hearing aid styles and can provide a longer battery life.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

The Behind-The-Ear hearing aid is the most discreet. The device hooks over the top of the ear and rests on the back of the upper ear. A small wire connects the earpiece in the ear canal. The BTE style is great for all ages and hearing levels. It's a great option due to its durability and ease. Its discreet design gives younger wearers the confidence they need.

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RIE)

RIE models have the same durability and similarity as BTE, but they are smaller and more discreet. It also has some of the same perks like easy cleaning and adjustability. The main difference with RIE is the receiver. It is in the ear instead of the tubing behind the ear. All the electrical components are in the device located on the back of the ear. A small wire then extends into the receiver in the canal.

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