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Hear Better with Beltone Imagine™

The world of hearing aids just got better. After many years of technological advancements and customer research, Beltone has created the Beltone Imagine. This new hearing device lets you naturally hear the world around you.

You'll feel more confident about your hearing abilities in social settings. Plus, no one will even know that you're wearing them. With so many customizable discreet designs, the Beltone Imagine is the easiest hearing aid you’ll ever have. Finally, you’ll have a hearing aid that works with your individual needs.

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Beltone Imagine
Beltone Imagine

Hear The World Around You

The Beltone Imagine is one of the first hearing aids to use your ear's contour and shape to provide you with the best hearing experience. This hearing aid uses an innovative microphone and receiver in-ear technology that filters and provides natural sounds to you. This technology keeps your hearing working like nature intended it to.

Unlike other hearing devices, you won't have to worry about missing out on the sounds around you. With the Beltone Imagine, you can focus on the sounds you want to hear and still hear the background noises. You can enjoy conversations in social settings with total confidence.

Beltone Imagine

Made To Work in Any Situation

With CrossLink Directionality 3 and Ultra Focus, the Beltone Imagine is unlike any other hearing aid available today. It works in a crowded restaurant or in the comfort of your backyard. With CrossLink Directionality 3, you can hear all the sounds around you with ease. This helps to monitor the sounds around you and choose which one to focus on. It also offers the best automatic speech understanding without worrying about disorientation.

When you head out, some sounds can be louder than others. When there is a lot is going on, it can be hard to focus on a specific sound or conversation. With the Beltone Imagine’s Ultra Focus feature, you can change your device settings to help improve the listening capability. With Ultra Focus technology, you can focus on the sounds from in front of you while reducing any distractions in the background.

The CrossLink Directionality 3 Benefits

Stay Engaged

The Beltone Imagine uses Bluetooth® Low-Energy compatibility. This connects you to all your favorite streaming devices. Whether it's your smartphone, television, radio, or GPS, you can use this premium technology to receive crystal-clear audio.

With mix-in audio streaming, you will have no connection delays. You can stream your favorite music or focus on an important phone call with the Beltone Imagine.

Countless Ways to Connect

The Beltone Imagine works with the Beltone HearMax™ app. Together, they provide easy control of the devices at any point. You use utilize any smart device to control your hearing devices. This includes your iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, or Apple Watch.

When connecting to your entertainment devices, the Beltone Imagine can do it all. You will enjoy a unique listening experience with Beltone TV Link 2, Beltone Phone Link 2, Beltone Remote Control and Remote Control 2, and Beltone myPAL Pro and myPAL Micro.

Connect Apps
Connect Apps

Ready to start hearing better?

Imagine hearing aids to suit your every need. Get started today by scheduling your appointment with Beltone!