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The Importance of Hearing Tests

Over 48 million people in the United States have some type of hearing loss. A hearing test can help determine the extent of hearing loss and the best treatment plan. It's sometimes hard to notice the early stages of hearing loss. The gradual changes to your hearing can go undetected for quite a long time.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to changes in your life. These include social anxiety, isolation, depression, cognitive decline, fatigue, and more. That's why annual hearing tests are vital. They help to ensure any hearing loss is found and treated early. Even if you don’t have hearing issues in your day-to-day life, we recommend that you get yearly screenings. After all, they help to make sure your hearing is working as it should be.

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Beltone’s Comprehensive Hearing Test

Beltone Hearing Center HearWell Audiology and Associates offers a completely free comprehensive hearing test. The test is free for anyone who wants to have their hearing checked. It can be personalized based on your needs and experiences.

We will review your medical history to find any possible causes of hearing loss before we do our comprehensive screening test. Some restrictions apply due to Insurance regulations.

Hearing Test

What To Expect During My Hearing Evaluation?

The test starts with a personalized health assessment to get a better understanding of risk factors for hearing loss. The questions focus on medical history, lifestyle, and any changes that you may have noticed. This will help our specialists determine the ideal hearing aids for you should you need them.

Our Hearing Specialist or Audiologist will provide the detailed results after the hearing test and make sure you understand the results. Depending on the results, the audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist may go over the best hearing aids and devices to help your hearing health.


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Call Beltone Hearing Center HearWell Audiology and Associates today to schedule your free comprehensive hearing test. The best thing you can do for your hearing care is to do your yearly hearing screenings. Benefits of hearing aids vary based on many factors.

These include the type and degree of hearing loss, environmental noise, hearing test results, and proper fit. Beltone Hearing Care Centers are independently owned and operated. Participation may vary by location. See individual centers for details.

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